God’s Kingdom

Dubai is a rich Kingdom, so rich in fact that if you are getting married you are given $20,000 for a ring.

God’s Kingdom is similar in nature.
Everyone in the world will have as much as people in Dubai have.

It is a government which originates in Heaven.
God has made his first created Son Jesus Christ (known as Yehohshua in Hebrew) King of God’s Kingdom since 1914.

God’s Kingdom will remove and replace human governments. All war and war machines will be removed. There will be no more armies, no more killing.

Everyone will have their own house given to them, lots of food, enjoyable things to do,
perfect health, no one will be old, and you will have the prospect of living forever in a restored Paradise Earth.

These are promises from God who cannot lie.

We are in the final part of the last days before God’s Kingdom takes over. Just prior, God will have the governments of this world destroy false religion.

We are waiting because God is trying to save as many people as possible before he must end this current world system. He doesn’t bring the end by choice. Father enters the room and finds the children playing with matches, he must put a stop to it.

The Bible says no flesh would be saved if he didn’t act, so it will be a dire situation.

Those who will simply not accept his love or live in a way that he has designed that benefits all people will also be removed so it will be peaceful and safe for everyone else.
His way is based on love. You will have true happiness living in a world where everyone exercises loving kindness to one another.

You may experience God’s love along with his loving people even now. Jesus is Head of The Christian Congregation of Yehowah’s Witnesses. Everything takes place with love.

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